Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tape applicator with conveyor

We have manufactured a programmable tape applicator with two Paperfox TD-1 tape applicator heads and with a conveyor belt.

The tape application positions can be programmed by both tape applicator heads independently.
The machine is similar to the machine which we have manufactured with cylinders.

What do you think which solution is the better?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

R-760 Kiss cutting machine

With a Paperfox R-760 kiss cutting machine you can cut the self adhesive material without cutting the carrying material or you can cut the back side of the self adhesive material.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Die cutting with a Paperfox KB-32 paper punch and creasing machine

With the Paperfox KB-32 paper punch and creasing machine you can crease and cut small holes up to 3x6cm size.

But what can we do if we want to die cut bigger shapes?
Let's change the creasing tool of the KB-32 to a die cutting tool! Certainly the rubber surface used at creasing is not proper for die cutting, but it you turn the BL-32 cutting plate with the rubber side down the you can make a perfect die cutting or perforating. In this way the elastic rubber compensates the inaccuracy and the limited rigidity of the device. If you die cut stronger materials maybe it is better to use solid plastic cutting plates.

What is the maximal size of the die cutting tool which can be used in KB-32?
Actually you can put even 60x380mm tools in the device but usually you can die cut only up to 55x100mm format.
This is because of the limited rigdity of the KB-3. If you press down the handle (8) the upper (1) and lower (2) machine frame becomes curved. So the cutting pressure is smaller in the middle of the tool than at the sides. You can compensate this effect with placing some strips of paper (9) under the cuting plate (4) but the result is not allways suitable.

How can I position the die cutting in the sheets?

There are some solutions for this problem:

1. Positioning with the crasing paper guide

A standard accessory of  the KB-32 is a paper guide which ensures the proper position. You can use this guide at die cutting as well. To ensure the longitudinal position you can usa a simple paper clip. The mayor advantage of this solution that you don't have to buy any extra accessories to your KB-32.

2. Positioning with the MA-500 table
You can buy an MA-500 table to your KB-32. You can position the sheets to the paper guide of the MA-500 table or you can stick some cardboard strips to ensure the desired position.

3. Using a special corner guide
A common task to  cut the corner of the sheets. You can use a special corner guide to this purpose.

4. Custom tailored positioning elements
For die cutting items even with complex shape you can use a custom tailored positioning elements.

5. Positioning to the printed elements of the sheets
But what if you have to position the sheets to the printed positioning marks?
We have equipped the KB-32 with a transparent plastic plate on which you can mark the desired position of the printed positioning elements. In this way you can compensate the inaccuracy of the printing on the sheets and the die cutting will be in a perfect position to the printed elements.

6. Die cutting with a transparent tool
The simpliest solution to adjust the position of the die cutting to the print is the transparent die cutting tool. This solution is very useful if you want to die cut around for example photos.

7. Die cut letters
A special field of die cutting is die cutting letters or text.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Rewinder with stronger gearmotor - AH-1000, AH-1250

The Paperfox A-1000 and A-1250 Rewinders are very polular mainly due to they favorable price. The cheap sewing machine motor is perfectly suited for occasional rewinding of offset wascloaths. Some customer of us want to use this rewiders for rewinding other materials with heavy duty or continous operation so we developed the stronger AH-1000 and AH-1250 rewinders.

This rewinders are driven by a strong and reliable industrial gearmotor and the speed of the rotaiton is continously adjustable and even the rotation direction can be changed.
Thanks to the robuster construction this machines can be equipped with other individual manufactured device for example with slitting os cutting unit.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Double creasing with Paperfox MBE-3 Creasing machine

The Paperfox MBE-3 Creasing machine can be applied to smaller die cutting tasks or for double creasing as you can see it in the following video:

How could you use this useful device?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Special positioning guide for Paperfox KB-32 Punching, creasing machine

With the Paperfox KB-32 Punching, creasing machine you can not only punch and crease but you can make smaller die cutting tasks if you change the creasing tool to a die cutting tool.

The special positioning guide made of transparent plastic. You can set it to the desired position easily.

With this special guide ou can die cut not only sheet materials, but also blister packagings.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Corrugated Box Stitching Machine

Our customers told us that the Paperfox DK-5 Box Maker is a very useful machine and it would be great to have a similarly well-priced and robust stitching machine.

So we have created this simple device.

The box stapler is based on a robust but affordable Chinese stapler, which is suitable for stitching up to 21mm-inch stack of paper. So you can stapple even the stronges 5 layer corrugated paper boxes.

With the help of two table clamps the stapler can be fixed to the table top.
We choosed this simple solution because we want to offer this device for really resonable price.

Do you think that the construction should be improoved or we should keep this simple solution a affordable price?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Improved cylinder die cutter

The Paperfox H-500A rotary die cutting machine is a very successfull Papefox product. Now we have fitted this brilliant device with new table guiding rollers to make the operation more stabile and user friendly.

If you order a new Paperfox H-500A rotary die cutting machine now you'll get it with the new table guiding elements at the same price.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Conveyor belt cutting with Paperfox KB-32

The Paperfox KB-32 Creasing-Punching machine is a really universal device.
With a special tool and guide set you can even cut conveyor belts befor welding them to endless conveyors.

If the belt material is not too hard, you can cut conveyor belts up to 10cm width if the belts with this useful device.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

CR-32 creasing machine

Thank you for the lot of ideas, suggestions about the "very simple creasing machine" which we have developed few months ago. Now we have made some improvements according the wishes of our customers.

We increased the width of the device from 21 cm to 32 cm, so now you can crease across even A3 sheets.

We changed the paper guide at the side of the device to a parallel guide so now you can position the sheets more accurately.

We named the device to Paperfox CR-32 creasing machine, and I hope tha we can start the manufacturing soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Crazy solutions to avoid the usage of the Paperfox EVV-3 cardboard edge protector cutter.

You don't need to buy the EVV-3 cadboard edge protector cutter to cut cardboard edge protectors, because we collected some really creative solutions to perform this task:

Good news: You don't have to suffer with alternative solution long, the Paperfox EVV-3 cadboard angle protector cutter will be available soon.