Sunday, May 14, 2017

What are the size and position limits of the Paperfox die cutters?

Paperfox presses are great devices for die cutting and punching, if the size and position of the shape to be cut is consistent with the capabilities of the machine. It is an often asked question that which Paperfox device able to cut the desired shape, so I try to describe the most important datas.

The Paperfox MP-1 press is suitable to use with 60x30mm punch tools and the edge of the sheets can extend beyond 10mm to the punch tool as shown in the figure below.

Unfortunately, the whole 60x30mm size can not be used for punching, because the distance between the cutting rules and the edge of the tool body should be at least 2-4mm, and the position of the screws (the gray circle in the picture below) can not be used for punching.

If you don't fix the tool and the cutting plate with screws and secure them with a double-sided adhesive tape, you can die cut also at the position of the screws. If you need a larger punch tool, a larger, customised additional plate, similar to the one shown on the image below, can help.

This cutting plate makes possible to use even 60x140mm tools with the MP-1. 

The Paperfox MP-2 press (and the MPE-2 electric press) uses similar tool and cutting plate to MP-1 press, but the edge of the sheet may extend even 30mm to the edge of the tool.

Do you need more? The customised machine-monster on the picture bellow can punch even at 20cm distance from the edge of the sheet!

The KB-32 Combined punching and creasing machine has similar die cutting tool and cutting plate to the MP-1, but the original creasing tool can be replaced with a die cutting tool and the device cna punch anywhere on the maximum 380mm wide sheets.

Although in the KB-32 can be mounted with up to 380x60mm die cutting tool, it is recommended to use only up to 140x60mm tools because of the limited rigidity of the device. The cutting rules can not be closer to the edges of the tool body at 2-4mm, and you can not use the position of the fixing screws for die cutting as it shown in the picture below.

You can try using longer punch tools, but the result is not guaranteed. If necessary, up to 140x100mm tool can be mounted into the press with the individual additional plates as shown in the figure below.

If the maximum 380mm width of KB-32 is insufficient, a similar device up to 70cm width can be made.

If the desired punching can not be done on the Paperfox presses, a Paperfox cylinder die cutter can be the solution to use up to 700x860mm die cutting tools.