Sunday, March 3, 2019

How to punch in the middle of sheets with a Paperfox KB 32 paper punch?

Paperfox KB-32 is a really versatile device, which is originally equipped with a euro slot punch tool.
You can replace this tool with another die cutting tool and you can punch even special holes. If you replace the creasing tool with a die cutting tool then you can punch in the middle of bigger sheets as well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Why not exactly 90 degrees is the angle of the corner rounding knives?

Paperfox S-3 corner rounder

Corner rounding is a very sensitive operation, because even the smallest inaccuracy causes a visible error.
Corner rounding knife for S-3 corner rounder

Ideally the corners could be rounded with a 90 degrees knife, or we could round the corners even with a simple quarter-circle profile.
Corner rounding tools for MP-1 press

Unfortunately, in practice, this profile does not result in the best rounding because:

  • The corners of the sheets to be rounded are not exactly right-angled, and the angles of the corners are not exactly the same.
  • The adjustment of the guides of the corner rounders are not perfect, so the rounding does not fit exactly to the corner of the sheets. 

The drawing below shows how the corner is rounded when its opening angle is equal to smaller or greater than the angle of the corner rounding knife.

The first column shows how a perfectly right-angled knife would behave when rounding a perfectly right-angled corner with perfectly accurate adjustment. (Perfectly)

The second column shows a knife with an opening angle (95 degrees) slightly larger than the corner angle of the paper. Although the result is not perfect, but even with some misalignment, the error is not significant.

In the third and fourth columns there is a knife with an opening angle (85 degrees) slightly smaller than the corner of the paper. The knife in this case not cuts the corner completely or the blade edge will cut into the paper. Even the slightest inaccuracy results a visible error.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose the opening angle of the rounding blades slightly higher than 90 degrees.

The situation is similar with the side guides in the corner rounders. If the angle of the guides is slightly larger than the corner angle of the paper, it will result in a much less visible error than if it would be smaller.

Friday, August 31, 2018

How To Get A Sexy Décolletage With The Paperfox MPR-4 Courtrain Grommet press

The Paperfox MPR-4 Courtrain grommet press is not only a great device for setting grommets up to 40mm diameter, but maybe the start of a new fashion style as well.

At the last breath taking moment of this video Mr. Paperfox personally discloses the secret of getting the prettiest Décolletage which emphasizes your shape and expresses your creativity!

Tipps tricks applications product ideas for MP-1 paper punch

The Paperfox MP-1 paper punch is a really versatile device. There are a lot of tools available and custom tolls are can be made as well. With an optional MPA-1 table the device can be used more comfortable and accurate.

The most common usage of the MP-1 is Euro slot punching. You can use cardboard header on the polyethylene bags, create a self adhesive cardboard hanger with an euro slot or you can punch directly the plastic bag.

Yes you can punch the thin polyethylene bags with the MP-1. Not every paper punch can punch polyethylene bags as you can see it on the following video.

Thank to the lot of available tools you can cut calendar hanger slots, round holes...

Do you have a brilliant idea? You can now realise it! You can create unique marketing products. For example you can die cut a paper finger which holds a product on your flyers...

.. or you can "bit off the corner" of a visit card which is a great visit card for a dentist...

...or you can die cut product samples and stick them on your brochure.

A great idea to cut belts, strips or other similar product with the MP-1. You can round the corner or give a special shape to the endings in one step with the cutting.

With a special tool you can die cut SIM cards.

If the standard MP-1 is not big enough for the task you want to accomplish then we can make a bigger cutting surface for this machine.

With a special console you can punch boxes, or other similar products.

Some customer of us uses this device for embossing.

For heavy tasks we can make longer pushing arm and big table to reduce the force you need to apply.

With the optional RP-1 corner guide and with RP-6...RP-20 corner rounding tools you can round corners.

Not only paper can be punched with the MP-1. The device is strong enough to cut plastic parts as well.

With a custom made individual tools you can snap on metal corners,  or apply eyelets...

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Slitting device

With this simple device you can create special tabs on the self adhesive product to help the removal of the protective silicone paper.

Paper core cutter

We have manufactured a paper tube cutter. To reduce the costs we have used our cheap A-1000 rewinder as a base and we've put a cutting head on it.

First we've equipped the device with a rotating kinfe.

Then we've realised that in most case the simple straight blade is not only cheaper but also better.

If the paper core is too strong to cut with a simple sewing machine motor we can mount this head on the stronger AH-1000 rewinder.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Paperfox FSD-1 taper applicator prototype with a stepper motor

The Paperfox FTD-1 tape applicator with conveyor belt is a successful product, but it needs compressed air. Now we created a tape applicator head with an electric stepper motor so the tape applicator can be used without compressed air.

Unfortunatelly the stepper motor is bigger than a pneumatic cylinder so this new tape application head needs more space than the pneumatic version.