Saturday, June 20, 2020

Book joint forming press

We have made a book joint forming press with 1m width.
Unfortunately I do not have such a book that has a 1m long spine,  my largest book is much smaller than the device.

The temperature of the heated joint forming bar is regulated and can be set digitally.

So far it is the largest joint forming machine that I have made, although I have already produced a few.

E.g. here is a foot operated joint forming machine:

Monday, May 11, 2020

Plastic profile taping machine

One of our latest developments is the cable duct adhesive taping machine.

You can place self adhesive tape up to 25x25mm cable trunking profiles or any similar profiles.

Electric edge protector cutter

The Paperfox EVV-3 edge protector cutter is a successful product of ours.

As a result of our customers' suggestions we tried to make a pneumatic version.
Unfortunately the pneumatic version was not strong enough and it wasted a lot of air.

So we started to develop an electric device:

The device works well, maybe I'll build an automatic feeder for this machine.

Do you have any suggestion?

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Plastic coated cylinders for the Paperfox cylinder die cutters

On the Paperfox H-1, H-2, and H-500A cylinder die cutters, plastic cutting plates must be placed under and over the punching tool, as shown in the video below.

When using plastic coated rollers, the usage of the upper plastic cutting plate is not required and since the cutting force is distributed over a smaller area, it is also possible to punch thicker materials in this way.

Plastic coated cylinders can make the work much more productive, but there are some disadvantages to this solution:
  • The positioning pins can be bent by the plastic cylinder, so it is advisable to use other positioning solutions (eg pieces of cardboard sticked on the ejector rubber). You can read more about positioning options in the Solutions to align cylinder die cutters to the printed printed pattern blog post.
  • The punched sheets are not prevented from curling up, so they may jam under the safety cover. This error can be eliminated by lifting up the cover. Remove the protective cover and 4 pcs.  M10 nut as a spacer, mount it with longer (M8x25) bolts or simply place it on top of the mounting bolts.

M10 nuts have been installed as spacers under the cover and the fixing bolts have been replaced for longer.
The cover is removed from under the fixing screws and placed on them.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Cutter unit for the AH-1000 rewinder

We heve equipped a Paperfox AH-1000 rewinder with a very simple cutting unit.

Actually the "cutting unit" is a simple row of cutter blades attached to the device frame. But it works well.

Here is an other solution for slitting roll materials with the AH-1000 rewinder:

Feeder unit for the Paperfox MPE-2 electric paper punch

The Paperfox MPE-2 electric die cutter is a very useful device for cutting, punching or die cutting small products.

Now we've equipped this electric paper punch with a feeder unit. In this video the device sticks two rolls of hook and loop Velcro tapes together and cuts them into the desired length.

Certainly you can not only cut with this device. In the next video we test the device with a steel rule die and with a quite a special task.

Because there is little space left in the machine we couldn't use the usual programmable logical controller, we used an Arduino micro controller. So there is no display for setting the parameters, you can do it with your smartphone. Perhaps the younger generation will prefer this solution?

Monday, February 10, 2020

Sticking double-sided adhesive tape up to 50mm width

The Paperfox FTD-1 tape applicator can apply self adhesive tapes up to 20mm width. Now we developed a new tape applicator head prototype which can lay up to 50mm wide tapes.

The new taping head can be used in the FTD-1 similarly as the standard TD-1 head. The 50mm wide tape requires more force to cut so we made a stronger adjustable spring to hold the sheets when the knife cuts the tape.