Friday, August 26, 2011

Corner protector cutter

We've improoved our corner protector cutting device.

You can fix the corner protector cutter on to a table and you can set the length of the cutted corner protectors with a positioning element.

Small Chinese paper punch on a big Hungarian table

You don't need a big machine-monter if you want to punch into the center of big sheets!

With this device you can punch even in the center of A3 sheets.

You can punch even 50 sheets of paper at once!

Hook-nosed Slotter prototype

We have constructed a slotter for the cutting of our packaging materials.

Our customers has found this device very interesting, so maybe that we'll improove this product and manufacture it.

- Should we make an electric mechanic or pneumatic slotter?
- Should we design a better machine or we should try to offer a cheap slotter?