Sunday, February 15, 2015

Conveyor belt cutting with Paperfox KB-32

The Paperfox KB-32 Creasing-Punching machine is a really universal device.
With a special tool and guide set you can even cut conveyor belts befor welding them to endless conveyors.

If the belt material is not too hard, you can cut conveyor belts up to 10cm width if the belts with this useful device.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

CR-32 creasing machine

Thank you for the lot of ideas, suggestions about the "very simple creasing machine" which we have developed few months ago. Now we have made some improvements according the wishes of our customers.

We increased the width of the device from 21 cm to 32 cm, so now you can crease across even A3 sheets.

We changed the paper guide at the side of the device to a parallel guide so now you can position the sheets more accurately.

We named the device to Paperfox CR-32 creasing machine, and I hope tha we can start the manufacturing soon.