Sunday, February 5, 2012

Punching positioned to printed elements on the sheet

Some customer of us has asked, that how could they punch with the Paperfox paper punches so that the hole should be positioned to the printed elements on the sheet. The printed elements maybe not always in the same place on the sheets, so the positioning the edge of the sheets to the paper guides not a proper solution.

You can use the Paperfox MP-1 press with an MPA-1 table. (The MP-2 paper punch with an MPA-2 table or a KB-32 paper punch with an MA-500 table also can be used in similar way.)

Stick a transparent foil on a 3mm thick plastic plate. (You can use a VLPOM cutting plate. )

Use an adhesive band and stick the foil at a side on the plastic plate.

The plastic foil can be folded up, but if you fold it back it will always get back in the same position.

Place the plastic plate under the MP-1 press equipped with a MPA-1 table and position it to the paper guides as in the picture.

Punch the foil with the Paperfox MP-1 paper punch.

Now the plastic plate and the punched transparent foil looks like in the following picture:

Insert the sheet which you want to punch under the transparent foil and position the printed elements on the sheet under the punching in the transparent foil.

Place the plastic plate with the transparent foil and the paper which you want to punch under the MP-1 paper punch. Position the plastic plate to the paper guides.

Punch the paper! In this way you can punch the sheet in the required place.

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