Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to make a box?

When we have offered our rotation creasing machines for making boxes, some customer of us has asked that how can they make boxes with our machines.
I am not a packaging expert, but I try to collect some solution for making boxes.

The simpliest box you can make is the following:

Cut an A x B sized peace from a cardboard or from corrugated paper and crease it in distance "E" from the sides. Creasing is a line made by pressing the paper, cardboard or corrugated paper before folding. You can make this creasing even with a not sharp knife beside a ruler, or you can use creasing machines.
If you use the same sized card for the top and bottom part of the box, then the "E" should be at the top part slightly smaller than at the bottom part.

You can make the cut-outs with simple scissors, with knife or you can use a table saw as in the picture below.

You can use the table saw for cutting the corrugated paper sheets as well. (Be careful, table saws are dangerous machines)
You can make in this way boxes like in the picture bellow:

In this boxes the cut-outs was made by scissors.
You can make this cut-outs with a slotter.

You can make the whole box from one sheet if you cut the shape bellow:

You can make in this way boxes like in the following picture:

Unfortunately you can't make more complicated boxes in this simple way.

For this box you should use a die cutting form like in the following picture.

This box was manufactured with the Paperfox H-1 cylinder die cutter ( ) with a special, bigger machine table.

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