Thursday, June 29, 2023

How can you increase the lifetime of the Teflon roller of the Paperfox TD-1 tape applicator head?

In Paperfox adhesive tape applicators, the adhesive side of the adhesive tape runs on Teflon-containing rollers.

Adhesive tape does not stick to rollers with a high Telfon content, but these materials are not very strong and wear out quickly. The mechanical properties can be improved by adding glass fiber or graphite, but in this case the glue also adheres better to the roller. On the website you can find the types of rollers produced.

Below I present a trick that can be used to increase the life of the rollers.

At the end of the tape strip, the applicator roller of the TD-1 applicator head presses the adhesive tape against the Teflon roller, and the resulting force pulls the tape against the knife, which cuts it.

The load on the Teflon rollers can be reduced to a small extent by reducing the supply pressure.

The applicator adjustment screw can be adjusted so that the applicator roller does not touch the Teflon roller.

This significantly reduces the stress on the rollers, and this solution works well for easy-to-cut adhesive tapes.

Unfortunately, when cutting in this way, the tensioning force of the tape is also reduced, which can cause inaccurate cutting especially in the case of adhesive tape made of strong material. (The edge of the knife slides over the surface of the tape before cutting it.)

A sharper knife is also available for the machine (, which makes cutting more precise even with lower cutting force.

If the knife still does not cut the adhesive tape reliably, you can try to solve the problem by adjusting the flat spring.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Paperfox FTD-1 adhesive tape applicator with touch screen display


The Paperfox FTD-1 adhesive tape applicator is designed for applying double-sided adhesive tapes.

The device usually has a simple alphanumeric screen with very limited graphic capabilities.

The data can be entered into the device with the help of push buttons.

This controller is suitable for controlling two applicator heads.

The control unit can also be made with a color graphic display.

Data is entered using a touch screen.

The touch screen controller is capable of controlling four applicator heads and is also suitable for displaying help screens that support use.

Our company Paperfox manufactures innovative paper processing machines. Check out our creations on our website!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Paperfox MP-6 paper punch

 There are several types of paper punches available commercially, but they are able to make holes only near the edge of the sheets. A hole can be made in the middle of larger sheets with large-sized cylinder die cutters or with a bigflat bed press. If you only need to make a small hole or punch, this is a "sparrow with a cannon" solution. For this purpose, we have developed a much more economical solution:

Monday, February 6, 2023

Small modifications on the TD-1 adhesive tape applicator head

 As a test, we made some minor modifications to the Paperfox TD-1 tape applicator head.

1. A more flexible and easily replaceable flat spring

The flat spring fixed from above (new way)

The flat spring made of thinner material can be installed from above, so there is no need to remove the adhesive tape applicator head when changing the knife. 

The flat sping fixed from below (traditional way)

Certinly the thick leaf spring can also be attached from below in the old, usual way.

The M3 D-head screw is secured against loosening with a serrated washer. The older (up to 2022) applicator roller holders were made by welding and the welding seam may prevent the flat spring from being mounted in this way.

2. More precise tape guide

After unscrewing the M6 guide screws on the standard TD-1 head, insert M5 screws through the M6 holes of the base plate, pull the bottom plate onto it, and then loosely wind the 10mm diameter cylindrical pins onto the screws. Slide the adjustable slider onto the pins, then tighten the M5 screws holding the cylinders. The adjustable slider can be fixed in the desired position with an M5 screw. If there is enough space on the machine, wing screws can also be used for this purpose.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Paperfox CLR-5 coreless rewinder

 With the Paperfox CLR-5 coreless rewinder you can rewind paper, foil, textile or other roll materials without using paper cores. 

In this way you can not only save the cost of the paper cores, but you can rewind quicker.

Monday, July 25, 2022

A paper guide that can also be retrofitted to a punching tool

This simple plastic part can also be retrofitted to the steel rule die without any problems. It is advisable to stick it in the right place with double-sided tape first. If the guide works well, it is also advisable to fix it with screws as well.

This solution can also be used when the sheet to be punched is larger than the punch tool.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Paperfox EVB-3 Blister card cutter

 Cutting pharmaceutical blister packs into individual blisters is not an easy task. Our latest development the Paperfox EVB-3 Blister cutter used for cutting the blister sheets into individual blisters or blister groups. You can use this machine not only for cutting blisters but also for other cuts or you can even perforate with it.

This machine can only be used for cutting along straight lines, but we also have solutions for die cutting blister packs.